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Here is where you can find links to every chapter of Shinra High, Shinra SOLDIER and Silent Melody I have sporked, alone or in collaboration with other people (mostly my astral husband Iscariot).

Note: It took a lot of time and sanity, but the Shinra High resporking is complete. We will now be focusing on resporking the rewrite of this story.
All fanfictions, drawings and essays are the work of and belong to Julia the Sephirothslave, unless stated otherwise.

Shinra High

It's a dragonclaw ring.
Chapter 1 - Shinra High                                             Rewritten version here.
Chapter 2 - Pranksters and Preps                             Rewritten version here.
Chapter 3 - Science Class                                          Rewritten version here.
Chapter 4 - Aftermath                                                 Rewritten version here.
Chapter 5 - Lunch Shift                                               Rewritten version here.
Chapter 6 - Fight Corps                                              Rewritten version here.
Chapter 7 - Round One                                               Rewritten version here.
Chapter 8 - K.O.                                                          Rewritten version here.
Chapter 9 - Sephiroth vs. Rude                                 Rewritten version here.
Chapter 10 - Final Round
Chapter 11 - And Now For a "Normal" Gym Class...
Chapter 12 - And Now For a "Normal" Gym Class, Part 2
Chapter 13 - Final Period (At last)
Chapter 14 - And the Insanity Continues
Chapter 15 - Is There a Psychiatrist in the Building?
Chapter 16 - Is There a Psychiatrist in the Building? Part 2
Chapter 17 - You Know the Day Sucks When...
Chapter 18 - Post Recovery Blues
Chapter 19 - Hazy Day
Chapter 20 - Shinra Inc.
Chapter 21 - In Professor Hojo's Labs
Chapter 22 - As the Sun Sets
Special Chapter - The Calling
Chapter 23 - Midgar Night
Chapter 24 - Dawn and Day
Chapter 25 - A Day of Stresses
Chapter 26 - A Day of Stresses - Part 2
Chapter 27 - After School
Chapter 28 - The Breakup
Chapter 29 - Midgar City Hospital
Chapter 30 - Midgar City Hospital - Part 2
Chapter 31 - Home at Last
Chapter 32 - On the Run
Chapter 33 - Safe-Haven?
Chapter 34 - Absolution
Chapter 35 - The Dungeon
Chapter 36 - Makou
Chapter 37 - Resolution
Chapter 38 - Back to School
Chapter 39 - Science Class Again!
Special Chapter: A Rose for Laura
Chapter 40 - The Plan
Chapter 41 - Football
Chapter 42 - After-Effects
Chapter 43 - The Truth in Lies
Chapter 44 - Announcements
Chapter 45 - Homecoming
Chapter 46 - The Dance
Chapter 47 - Chaos Incarnate
Chapter 48 - Makou Therapy Treatment
Chapter 49 - Break of Day
Chapter 50 - The New and Improved SOLDIER Training Course, guest sporker beacon80
Chapter 51 - The Laboratory,
guest sporker nix501st
Chapter 52 - Battle Royale
, guest sporker little_masaouki
Chapter 53 - Notes of Interest
Chapter 54 - Life as a Pet
Chapter 55 - Experimentation
Chapter 56 - The Plot
Chapter 57 - The Escape
Chapter 58 - Lost in the Labs
, guest sporker Loki
Chapter 59 - Finale
Shinra High Conclusions and Epilogue


I hope she looks evil enough.
Chapter 1 - Prologue
Chapter 2 - In the Barracks
Chapter 3 - Makou Therapy for the Inexperienced
Chapter 4 - Night in the Barracks
Chapter 5 - Day One
Chapter 6 - Warm Up

Chapter 7 - Physical Training
Chapter 8
- Weapons Combat
Chapter 9 - Weapons Combat Part 2, guest sporker tealdear
Chapter 10 - Water Training

Chapter 11 - Materia Training
Chapter 12 - Lunch
Chapter 13 - Life as a Turk-Trainee
Chapter 14 - To Be a SOLDIER

Chapter 15 - Dinner
Chapter 16 - A Walk in the Night
Chapter 17 - Caught!
Chapter 18 - Night on the Town, part 2 - part 3
Chapter 19 - Warnings
Chapter 20 - Preparations
Chapter 21 - The Fort Condor Conflict
Chapter 22 - Camp
Chapter 23 - Watch

Chapter 24 - The Second Battle
Chapter 25 - A Necessary Change in Strategy
Chapter 26 - A Pleasant Turn of Events
Chapter 27 - The Attack

Chapter 28 - Back in the Barracks
Chapter 29 - Challenges part 1 part 2

Chapter 30 - Challenges - Part 2
Chapter 31 - The Final Challenge
Chapter 32 - At the Office
Chapter 33 - At the Office - Part 2
Chapter 34 - Tests and Training
Chapter 35 - Side-Effects
Chapter 36 - A Conversation
Chapter 37 - The Crash
Chapter 38 - The Recovery
Chapter 39 - The Recovery - Part 2
Chapter 40 - A Proposition, guest sporker vengence_izmine
Chapter 41 - A Series of Surprises
Chapter 42 - Wedding Plans
Chapter 43 - The Records of the Wutain War
Chapter 44 - Debriefing
Chapter 45 - Landing
Chapter 46 - The First Confrontation
Chapter 47 - The First Attack
Chapter 48 - Objectionable Times
Chapter 49 - Sudden Outbursts, guest sporker chaotic_legion

Chapter 50 - Tense Encounters
Chapter 51 - Nightmares
Chapter 77 - Back on the Job, guest sporker Ryu
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*Silly Novels by Lady Novelists is an essay written in 1856 by George Eliot, thanks to which we have a clever and amusing portrait of the Mary Sues and Suethors of that time. 

Foresaken - Chapter 1
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Foresaken Chapter 1 Spork.Collapse )

Foresaken - Prologue
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This unfinished story comprises of one prologue and one chapter and it can be accurately characterized as a ridiculous character-bashing story centered on Hojo. There isn't really much that I can add to this. It's typical Slave: overblown, misinformed, misinterpreted.

Hark! Epic fail below the cut!Collapse )


Silent Melody Chapter 4
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Shinra CSI - Hobo edition.Collapse )

Silent Melody Chapter 3
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Silent Melody Chapter 3 Spork.Collapse )

Silent Melody Chapter 2
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Silent Melody Chapter 2 Spork.Collapse )

Silent Melody Chapter 1
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Silent Melody Chapter 1 Spork.Collapse )

Sporking Silent Melody: Author's note
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Is it that time, already? I guess it is.

After inflicting her two stories Shinra High and Shinra SOLDIER upon the unsuspecting Final Fantasy VII community, Sephirothslave was inspired by the release of Advent Children into adding a third part to her morally corrupted saga of suck. And so, on April 30th 2006, a great shadow descended upon the
Pit of Voles in the shape of the first chapter of Silent Melody. This story places Sephiroth firmly in the Woobie seat, screws around with every single facet of the film canon and threatens to revive what should stay dead and buried.

We should have known the film would not be safe. Alas.

Unlike her previous work, Slave stopped posting chapters after a while, leaving her third installment unfinished - much to our relief (or masochistic disappointment). What she did post is well worth a read though, and we have taken up our sporks again in the hopes of providing you all with hours of fun. Before we throw ourselves in the midst of mediocrity and sappy wishfulfillment however, we have a rather large author's note to take care of. Sit back, gentle readers, and you muses sing for us while we prepare the stage for the most unnecessary, unapologetically biased story Slave has ever written.


*cracks open brain bleach*Collapse )

The final spitefic: Heaven Chapter
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This took forever to write.Collapse )

The Gilded Goddess and the Little Dove
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We salute you, loyal readers of House Spork!

Today we're trying out something a little different. Until now we have exclusively sporked Sephirothslave's works and while their entertainment value has not decreased at all, we wanted to show you something that we stumbled upon while digging for A Song of Ice and Fire Mary Sues of an absolutely hilarious Game of Thrones fanfiction written by the aptly named LauraNathanaOrgyProductions.

We strongly suspect it's a troll fic and it obviously does not take itself seriously, but it's so weird and funny and over the top that we couldn't stay away from it. We can't even bring ourselves to really criticize the authors because story made us cry with laughter. So after you read this, we want to kindly ask you to avoid saying any harsh words to them, please.

The best part is that you don't really have to be familiar with the series in order to enjoy the epic insanity that is this story!

The sporking format will be a little different this time, with two minor differences: it will be in somewhat in the form of a play, and since our very house has been inspired by the houses of Westeros, we will spork this as Lord and Lady Spork.

Warning: Graphic (and insane) lesbian sex beneath the cut.

In which Lady Spork extends her vocabulary.Collapse )

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